White Wine Blogging

This is probably a bad idea.  I've had a bottle of wine tonight.  Ask me if I care.  LOL  This is my space to be the truly true me.  Unfiltered.  Uncut.  Full on.  So, let's do this thing. 

Some things on my mind, but not enough has gelled together to do a blog on each. Yet.

If you aren't working to end it, you are complicit in continuing it.  I'm talking about:  Racism.  Sexism.  Homophobia.  Heterosexism.  Misogyny.  Xenophobia.  All those nasty little bits we see in society.  If you aren't working towards balance and equality, you are supporting and encouraging the opposite - those ugly words I just listed.  Silence implies agreement.  Denial doesn't negate its existence, either.  It just makes it easier for the ugly to continue.  Any way you slice it, these things only support the status quo.  BOOOO

Having faith does not make you superior.  Not having faith doesn't either.  None of us actually has a fucking clue.  So, instead of trying to make that guy believe (or make that other guy stop believing), how about you just shut up and accept the other person's view for what it is?  An opinion.  A hope.  A feeling.  A belief.  We have all lived on this earth.  We have all have our personal lived experiences.  We have all had good and bad happen to us.  Some find comfort and strength through faith in a higher power.  Others find it in belief in science or books or whatever else.  Fine.  Let them.  Why is it any of your damned business?  BUTT OUT.  You do not need to be right.  Neither do I.  Neither do "they."  Just shut up and listen.  You don't have to agree.  Neither do I.  Neither do they.  But, respect the opinion.  Respect the viewpoint.  That doesn't mean don't discuss.  Or, don't communicate.  But...  Show the respect and reverence you expect for yourself.  If you can't manage that, disengage.  Just...  Go.  Away.  Science and faith can be friends.  Let them be.  One supports the other.  Do the research.  There is archeological (that's a "soft" science) evidence to support stories in the Bible.  But, the Bible is based on the socio-economic-political realities of the MEN who wrote it.  It's flawed.  They didn't have the scientific knowledge we have today.  That does not make it evil or stupid.  Science is cold.  It does not feel.  It does not intuit.  That does not make it irrelevant or heretical.

People are dumb.  Not their faith.  Not their race.  Or gender.  Or sex.  Or sexuality.  People are dumb.  Not all people.  Some people.  But, those people would be dumb, or dangerous, or whatever regardless of their faith, religion, nationality, sexuality, sex, etc.  Dumb is dumb.  It doesn't discriminate.  And, it can only be corrected  with love and education and patience.  And, only if desired.  Someone wants to stay dumb and ignorant, they will.  Nothing you can do about it.  You can offer a light, but if they don't want it, there is nothing you can do.  DISENGAGE.  Walk away.  Be done with it.  It's not about you! Stop making it about you.

Law of Attraction.  What you put out, you get back.  You want good things?  Believe in them.  Like, really truly in your heart.  You believe you're gonna get crap?  Guess what?  You will.  You believe in love and hope and joy?  You'll get more of that.  The universe acts like a mirror.  You want love?  Give it.  You want wealth?  Share it.  You want health?  Feel it.  You think you deserve to be treated like crap?  The universe will prove it to you.  You believe you should be treated like a Queen?  The universe will prove it to you.  It always says "yes" to what you focus on.  So, focus on love.  Focus on hope.  Focus on joy.  Focus on good things.  It will bring them to you.  The universe is as loving and supportive as you allow it to be.  Let it keep you safe, protected, loved.  It will, if you believe it will.  What you resist, persists.  If you feel bad, feel it, then let it go so the joy and love and happy can come flooding back in.  If you feel happy, bask in it.  Embrace it, and let it move through you.  Our natural state is happy.  Look at babies.  Just happy.  Naturally happy.  THAT is our Natural Being.  We are here to live lives of love and joy and happy.  I believe that, all the way to the very bottom of me.  And remember, positive energy is always more powerful than negative.  Always. Isn't that wonderful?!  Focus on the want, rather than the not-want.  Be the love and joy and wonderful things you are.  And want.

I feel like there was more. But, I've lost it now.  Last glass.  Cheers!

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